BeautiFill laser liposuction and fat transfer is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that can help patients achieve their desired body shape and contour.

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BeautiFill body contouring

Laser Liposuction & Fat Transfer with BeautiFill

This advanced technology, offered at Jade MD Aesthetic Medical Spa, uses a combination of laser energy and gentle suction to remove unwanted fat from targeted areas of the body. Not only does this procedure effectively remove fat, but it also stimulates collagen production for tighter and smoother skin.

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How Does BeautiFill Laser Liposuction Work?

BeautiFill laser liposuction utilizes a patented laser technology called "laser-assisted lipolysis." This technology involves using a specialized laser fiber to deliver thermal energy directly to the targeted fat cells, causing them to rupture and be easily removed from the body through gentle suction. This unique method of fat removal also helps to stimulate collagen production, resulting in improved skin tone and texture.

Results and Benefits

The results of BeautiFill laser liposuction are noticeable immediately after the procedure, with continued improvements over the following weeks as the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells. Patients can expect to see a slimmer and more contoured appearance in the treated area, with smoother and tighter skin. Other benefits of this procedure include minimal scarring, shorter recovery time, and longer-lasting results compared to traditional liposuction.

What to Expect During Treatment

Before the procedure, patients will have a consultation with our experienced medical team at Jade MD Aesthetic Medical Spa to discuss their desired results and any concerns or questions. The procedure itself typically takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the size and number of areas being treated. Patients will be under local anesthesia during the procedure, ensuring maximum comfort.

Who is a Good Candidate for BeautiFill Laser Liposuction?

BeautiFill laser liposuction is an ideal treatment for patients who are close to their goal weight but have stubborn areas of fat that are not responding to diet and exercise. It is also a suitable option for those looking for skin tightening in addition to fat reduction. Ideal candidates should be in good overall health, have realistic expectations, and be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the procedure.

BeautiFill Before & After Gallery

BeautiFill results body contouring
BeautiFill results body contouring
BeautiFill results body contouring
BeautiFill results laser treatment
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