Botox relaxes muscles that cause facial wrinkles, providing a smooth, youthful appearance.

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The older you get, the more visible your facial expressions become. Your laughter turns into crow’s feet and smile lines, frowning turns into creases between eyebrows, and every moment of surprise is shown as forehead lines. When these signs become obvious, the best way to reduce them is with BOTOX® Cosmetic. At Jade MD Aesthetics, we offer BOTOX® Cosmetic injections to women and men who want to regain their youthful appearance.

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How BOTOX® Cosmetic Works

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable treatment made from a neurotoxin, namely botulinum toxin type A. In larger quantities and uncontrolled form, it can lead to a condition called botulism. However, when used in small quantities, the purified form of the toxin in BOTOX® Cosmetic can reduce dynamic wrinkles.

BOTOX® Cosmetic stops the signals going from your nerves to your muscles, preventing contraction. As the muscles relax, they will no longer pull your skin. Over the next few days, both the muscles and the skin will relax, smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles in the treated area.

Patients should know that while BOTOX® Cosmetic stops muscles from contracting excessively, it does not keep you from being expressive. The muscles can still move but will be more relaxed and not leave permanent marks.

Recovery from BOTOX® Cosmetic

Because BOTOX® Cosmetic is minimally invasive, the recovery time is very short with reduced potential for downtime. The treatment should not hurt more than a small injection, but a local anesthetic may be applied to your skin if you have a high sensitivity to needles.

Common side effects are some swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection site, lasting around three to seven days. Cold compresses can be used to relieve these symptoms, but make sure not to apply too much pressure on the skin. Too much pressure could cause the BOTOX® Cosmetic to migrate, compromising the results. Try not to touch your face in the first few days, as this also helps avoid infection.

During the recovery stage, you should stay away from hot baths and showers, as the heat can cause the swelling to get worse. Medication like aspirin can exacerbate bruising, but if you are experiencing discomfort, you could take some TYLENOL®. Make sure to stay out of direct sunlight in the first few days, and wear sunblock over 30 if you go out and about.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Results

Since BOTOX® Cosmetic is not a filler, results are generally not immediate. You should wait a few days until the botulinum toxin finishes “relaxing” your muscles. However, you will start seeing the first effects in about four to five days, the full ones settling in around one to two weeks. BOTOX® Cosmetic complements your features, making everything look natural.

In terms of longevity, BOTOX® Cosmetic usually lasts about three months before the body naturally flushes it out. Those patients who have had BOTOX® Cosmetic injections before may enjoy the effects for up to four months, as the body already developed resistance to the substance. To maintain these results and allow your skin to improve over time, you should schedule maintenance treatments once every three to four months.

Candidates for BOTOX® Cosmetic

If you have wrinkles on the upper half of your face, then you may be a good candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic. These creases are often called dynamic wrinkles and are formed due to constant facial expressions. They can appear at the side of your eyes, the forehead, the top of your nose bridge, and any other area that experiences continuous muscle contractions.

Most patients are in their 20s or 30s, where they still have good skin elasticity. Very expressive men and women are often the best candidates for this treatment that delays signs of aging. The treatment can be performed on people who already have wrinkles, and it can be for those who wish to keep them from forming altogether.

This treatment is not recommended for people who have static wrinkles or want to add extra volume. As the purpose of the injectable is to prevent muscle contraction, it’s not very helpful if you have sagging skin and deep signs of aging. The injectable is a good option when you have smooth enough facial features but are looking for a younger-looking aesthetic.

botox results
botox results
botox results
botox results
botox results
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